Charlotte, IA 

December 12, 2023 Minutes

Charlotte City Council Proceedings

DECEMBER 12, 2023

Mayor Kelly Snyder called the regular meeting of the Charlotte City Council to order at 6:00 PM with council members Ray Snyder (by phone), Dave Labarr and Brandon Eberhart present. Hosette and Lamaack were absent.

The consent agenda included the approval of the agenda, the clerk’s financial report, the minutes of the November 14, 2023, regular meeting and the following revenues and expenses:

Bills paid prior to Meeting:

941 Tax – 1,945.09

IPERS – 1,057.85

State W/H- 119.12

Sales Tax- 22.33

Water Excise Tax- 444.59

Alliant- 2,201.42

Windstream, phone & internet- 492.99


Accounts Payable for Meeting:

Bernies Heating and Cooling, labor & materials- 905.00

Clinton County Auditor, election- 1,205.50

Clinton County Sheriff, monthly contract – 1,143.00

F&B, software/email- 149.50

Gordon Flesch, copier- 5.77

Lynch-Dallas, legal- 255.50

Maquoketa Public Library, card- 35.00

Observer, publications- 86.70

Petty Cash, Winterfest prize money- 450.00

Republic, garbage contract- 2,987.94

Tom Witt, mowing & spraying- 275.00

USPS, box dues- 98.00

Visa, Christmas decorations - 1,009.94


Gross Wages

$ 9,470.55


NOVEMBER   FUND                   REVENUES            EXPENSES

GENERAL FUND                          $ 13,570.64            $ 18,362.52

ROAD USE FUND                        $ 2,895.02               $ 4,872.65                      

Employee Benefit                        $ 820.46                  $        

Emergency Fund                         $ 260.89                 $ 

LOST FUND                                  $ 5,381.46               $

FEMA                                                $                              $

ARP                                                   $                              $

Water                                            $ 8,379.82               $ 8,062.41

Sewer                                            $ 3,242.86               $ 5,562.31


TOTAL:                                           $ 34,551.15              $ 36,859.89



A motion to approve the consent agenda was made by Labarr with a second by Snyder.  All Ayes.


Public Forum:

Peggy Sellnau attended the meeting and inquired about some of the dilapidated buildings in town and has some concerns for the safety regarding them. 


Mayor Snyder and Brandon Eberhart took their oath of office. Kelley Hosette will be sworn in next week.

Council discussed the rate increases that Alliant is proposing over the next two years.

            A motion to approve Resolution 2023-08 Opposing Alliant Energy Rate Increase was made by Eberhart with a second by Labarr. All ayes. All citizens in our community are encouraged to voice their perspectives and concerns to the Iowa Utilities Board by submitting comments and objections by email to customer@iub.iowa.gov or by mail at Iowa Utilities Board, 1375 E. Court Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50319-0069. All communication should reference Docket RPU-2023-0002 in the subject line.

            A motion to approve the closing of Broadway Street during the Charlotte Winterfest parade was made by Labarr with a second by Eberhart. All ayes. The road will be closed from Hwy 136 up to the Catholic church from 5:00 pm until 6:00 pm.

             A motion to approve Seth Ashpole transitioning into Tom Witt’s position to take over wastewater operations when Tom retires was made by Snyder with a second by Labarr. All ayes.

            A motion to approve reimbursing Dale Rathje for sidewalk concrete was made by Eberhart with a second by Labarr. All ayes.



Mayor Snyder reported that Droste was found in contempt of court and ordered to pay a fine and have the building torn down by February 8th, 2024. She will also be turning over the Pitts and Jahn property issues to the city attorney. Mayor Snyder complimented Rhonda on a job well done regarding the Christmas decorations throughout town.

Rhonda reported that the side x side roof was damaged in shipping and will be arriving next week.

Eberhart questioned whether a resident was living in a camper in town, which is against city ordinance. The mayor will follow up with this issue.


Motion to adjourn at 6:34 PM by Labarr with a second by Eberhart. All Ayes.



                                                                                                Kelly Snyder, Mayor




Chris Budde, City Clerk