Charlotte, IA 

November 2023 Meeting

Charlotte City Council Proceedings

NOVEMBER 14, 2023

Mayor Kelly Snyder called the regular meeting of the Charlotte City Council to order at 6:00 PM with council members Ray Snyder, Kelly Hosette, Alex Lamaack, Dave Labarr and Brandon Eberhart present.

The consent agenda included the approval of the agenda, the clerk’s financial report, the minutes of the October 10, 2023, regular meeting, October 26th special meeting and the following revenues and expenses:

Bills paid prior to Meeting:

941 Tax – 1,966.29

IPERS – 1,196.47

State W/H- 161.32

Sales Tax- 22.33

Water Excise Tax- 440.66

Alliant- 2,412.51

Dewitt Bank, ach fee- 15.40

Midwest Motor Sports, mule- 21,320.84

Windstream, phone & internet- 667.94


Accounts Payable for Meeting:

Clinton County Sheriff, monthly contract – 1,143.00

Cedar Rapids Municipal, testing- 12.50

Chris Budde, mileage- 154.58

Cynthia Stimson, reports- 67.00

F&B, software/email- 88.25

Gordon Flesch, copier- 10.00

Iowa Rural Water, dues- 305.00

IPI, signs- 474.87

J&S Endeavors, LLC, fuel- 440.00

John Deere Financial, misc- 776.94

Kenny Mohr, mileage- 125.76

Observer, publications- 145.05

Pro-Tech Lawn Care, spray- 825.00

Republic, garbage contract- 2,987.94

Rhonda Marlowe, mileage- 128.38

River Valley, tank rental & fuel- 1,290.65

Visa, office supplies, filters- 374.22

VTS, road marking- 1,260.99

Water Solutions, chemicals- 1,362.00


Gross Wages

$ 8,961.27


OCTOBER    FUND                      REVENUES            EXPENSES

GENERAL FUND                          $ 46,459.56             $ 21,312.56

ROAD USE FUND                        $ 2,936.33               $ 3,491.16                      

Employee Benefit                        $ 3,348.15               $ 938.82       

Emergency Fund                         $ 1,064.60               $ 

LOST FUND                                  $ 3,527.03                $

FEMA                                                $                               $

ARP                                                   $                               $

Water                                            $ 8,162.67                $ 5,560.31

Sewer                                            $ 3,638.43                $ 2,783.37


TOTAL:                                           $ 69,136.77             $ 34,086.22



A motion to approve the consent agenda was made by Eberhart with a second by Labarr.  All Ayes.


Public Forum:

Dean Grimm attended the meeting to inquire about sidewalk reimbursements.


            A motion to approve the 2023 AFR was made by Labarr with a second by Snyder. All ayes.

The council wage will be put on next month’s agenda including a resolution.

The council discussed Pitts’ building and the issues that have not been resolved.

            A motion to turn the situation over to the city attorney and have him proceed was made by Hosette with a second by Snyder. All ayes.

            A motion to approve Labarr building permit was made by Hosette with a second by Lamaack. All ayes and Labarr abstained.



Mayor Snyder reported that there is a court date of December 20, 2023 regarding the Droste property. She is also going to be contacting the attorney regarding the Marty Jahn property.

Rhonda reported that the fiber optics have been installed, the sidewalks around the culverts on Broadway are sinking and the LP tank ran extremely low due to the gauge being broken. She will be looking into a different company for future fills.

Hosette mentioned that the city has purchased a Kawasaki Mule 4010.

The Charlotte Winter Fest 2023, in conjunction with the Fire Department, is scheduled for December 16th from 3pm until 6pm and will be hosting Santa and the Grinch! Crafts, food and fun along with a lighted parade and lighting of the Christmas tree are some of the many activities scheduled.  


Motion to adjourn at 6:27 PM by Labarr with a second by Lamaack. All Ayes.